LEVELdance represents a significant new artistic endeavor for Chicago-based choreographer, Eddy Ocampo, and Bread and Roses lighting designer and technical director, Joshua Paul Weckesser. Rather than creating work in which the design meets the needs of the choreography, Co-Artistic Directors Ocampo and Weckesser aim to create a rich multi-layered environment that contextualizes and steers the direction of dance where the design and the environment come before choreography.

In the their short in existence, LEVELdance had continued to wow and share their vision to the Chicago arts scene with new and innovative ways of taking dance outside of the box. With costuming, staging, lighting and emotionally driven contemporary choreography, LEVELdance has shown the dance lover that it is not just about what happens in the performance, but what happens in the hearts of the audience all after they leave the theatre.

In the last 5 years, LEVELdance has collaborated magicians, aerialist, costume designers, set designers architects as well as cutting edge choreographers. On and the stage audience members feel catapulted to a different world, and with their site specific series, NOCTURE, LEVELdance continues to show audience that it is not afraid to take dance where no one in Chicago is going.